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GROUP SIZE ARRIVAL DAY/ SPA DAY Arriving in Iceland in the early morning from North America, check in at a This example agenda is for group sizes of approx. 15– 100 persons but it can easily be changed to fit larger groups. hotel in the city centre for rest. Those arriving from Europe arrive in the afternoon and head straight for the activities. Kick-start the incentive in the afternoon by soaking in the unique Blue Lagoon, the only SPA in the world listed on the top 25 wonders of the world by National Geographic. The group will enjoy all the qualities the Blue Lagoon has to offer. Bathing in the milky blue water, relaxing in a geothermal steam bath or releasing the stress under a Blue Lagoon waterfall is just a part of what is offered there. For a unique experience the group can enjoy an outdoor massage or one of the spa treatments available there. While in the water the group will enjoy the Blue Lagoon cocktail welcoming everyone to Iceland. After soaking in the hot water the group can either enjoy a delicious dinner at the Lava restaurant at the Blue Lagoon where a part of the restaurant is carved into the lava field or have dinner at one of the many gourmet restaurants in Reykjavík. FIRE DAY This day focuses on the volcanoes in Iceland as well as the geothermal areas. Iceland is an active volcanic island and that can clearly be seen in the Icelandic landscape. Many fun activities can be related to this theme for example a cooking lessons where Icelandic hot springs are used to boil eggs and the heat from the earth used to bake bread in the ground. The group can visit a geothermal power plant, walk inside a lava tunnel or take a quad bike ride in a lava field. The black sand beaches are a signature feature of Iceland and super jeep safari is an activity to remember. After an eventful day the group will enjoy all the best Icelandic cuisine has to offer. Whether it is the Icelandic lamb, fresh fish or domestically greenhouse grown vegetables it will surly be a great culinary delight. 2 BUDGET EXAMPLE A range of 800 - 2.000 EUR* per person should be sufficient to plan a very exiting 3 - 5 day incentive package. Prices depend on number of persons, season, how much is included in the package, the length of the stay etc. This is just to give a rough idea about prices * Flights not included.

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